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‘If Frank Zappa had ever bothered - deigned, stooped - to write a hit single, it might have sounded a bit like this darting, careening slither of melodic madness.’ The Guardian

‘If you’d played ‘Snake In The Grass’ forwards, backwards or sideways it’s doubtful if it would make much more sense. Rising from the ashes of much-missed electronic rockers Clor, Barringtone have all the potential of a newly flung grenade in a box of fireworks. Clash

Barringtone release new single The New New, straight out of their new album, Bonanza Plan. The single is out May 01, via Onomatopoeia (William D Drake, Crayola Lecturn, Hurtling)

The three-piece was initiated by Barry Dobbin, formerly of Clor, on lead vocals and guitar, Aaron Doyle on keys, Conan Cooledge on bass and Boomer Opperman on drums. They have been lighting-up dance floors with a mathematical, pop rock wizardry. Barringtone have become increasingly known for their enchanting, avant-garde style and complex arrangements and dissonant time signatures – creating this eccentric and exhilarating sketchbook of sound.

The New New brings a dazzling synth line, lilting and lifting you up, with an angular synergy reminiscent of Tom Vek or Battles. Transformative states turn skyward into a spangled disco ball feel, evoking AK/DK or an optimistic Public Service Broadcasting at their most buoyant. The track curves and plunges from a slick laser chic to more rugged disco beats, a complex trudge through the mash-land and back again. Both improvisational and structured the track comes back to earth with a smattering of bird song, in their very own Bonanza Plan.

Barry Dobbin explains: 'Absorbed by lockdown fever-dreams, confronted by our myriad hopes and fears but denied the infantilizing illusions promoted by consumerism might we eventually emerge and find solace in nature - or an acceptable simulation thereof.....?'

The band emerge from their previous incarnation of iconic post-punk electro pop artists Clor whose debut Snake In The Grass​ was produced by Jas Shaw, one half of ​Simian Mobile Disco​, Dobbins vocals appeared on SMD’s track ​Love​, from the 2007 album ​Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release. While the band emerge from a lifetime of diverse musical genres. The New New is a snippet of their upcoming Bonanza Plan.

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