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Baybs releases the thought-provokingindie folk EP “Introvertigo”

Channeling stress and anxiety into music meant to provide listeners relief, Baybs’ debut EP “Introvertigo” is both uplifting and haunting

While it certainly wasn't the plan to release an EP while being simultaneously stuck at home during a pandemic and fighting for human rights, there couldn’t be a better time for a project about inner turmoil and change. Craig explains the title "Introvertigo" as, "a play on 'introvert' and the symptom of vertigo, expressing the constant mental spinning caused by the turbulence of severe anxiety." After pushing back the initial release date to not distract from the death of George Floyd and the protests world-wide, Craig has pledged to donate the Bandcamp funds from “Introvertigo” to the Ella Baker Center out of Oakland.

With songs initially created as a way to cope with anxiety, Baybs' music itself delivers a more optimistic posture while still remaining chillingly intimate and impassioned. The Bay Bridged has called Baybs “poetic and charming” with a “Magnetic Fields meets Tennis” vibe. In creating the records, Jacob recalls, "There was a period of my life where I didn't want to leave my house..

The times I felt like literally jumping out of my skin the only thing that helped was picking up a guitar and creating a melody and building a composition from there."

The resulting sound is an ebb and flow of dreamy folk pop with a flirtatious rhythmic pulse. To create an atmosphere of multilayered vocal texture, Jacobs frequently collaborates with singers Chloe Zelma Studebaker ( Zelma Stone ) and Melissa Russi, live and in the studio. In the summer of 2019 two debut singles, “Heartbeats (Amor Fati)” and “You’re the Only One” were released. After several months of playing live shows at local venues including Rickshaw Stop, Bottom Of The Hill and Amnesia, Jacobs teamed up with producer Timothy Vickers aka GrandBankss (who also plays bass in Baybs) to record the a debut EP "Intovertigo."

In the words of Craig/Baybs: “The five track album is a true testament to the constant turbulence and distress caused by social anxiety as well as the general feeling of chronic alienation from ones’ immediate surroundings.” After teaming up with label Text Me Records in 2020, Baybs' unveiled "Introvertigo" little by little, single by single, with the full EP out on all platforms on June 25th.

“( Single) Drifter’ with it's psyche folk electric strums and hazy drones of sound is a perfect vehicle for Melissa Russi's vocal aesthetic. Her storytelling sounds grand and refined and while there is a 60's garden rock sway, there is, especially on the chorus, an elegant chamber pop ascension and Jacobs vocal harmonies embrace Russi's vocals in wonderful ways” - American Pancake

“( Single) Would You Dare’ has some very open, confessional aspects to the lyrics, which feel a good fit for the 60s-inflected, sunny rock arrangement. In the past, he’s been compared to The Magnetic Fields and Stephin Merritt, but here there’s a hint of Baxter Dury in the song’s leftfield indie-pop sound, and a very Serge Gainsbourg meets Leonard ambience.” - Analogue Trash



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