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BAZERK - Everybody Wants A Piece of Me

BAZERK is a hard hitting, high energy band out of Los Angeles, CA who offers an edgy, raw Funk style with Rock/ Metal riffs and Hip Hop beats. (Think Rage Against The Machine meets Public Enemy)

Formed in 2009 by Jamaican front man Dewayne Malik Phelps aka ZU from Indiana Indianapolis, BAZERK quickly became a success story. Having entered a battle of the bands against 300 acts they won first prize. One of the judges in the competition was non other than Funk Rock singer George Edward Clinton, one of DeWayne's favorite artists. It didn’t take long before they were personally invited by the Atomic Dog singer to go on tour and they did many shows together. Since then BAZERK have toured and played shows with Prince, Ludacris, KRS One, 311, Wu-Tang-Clan, The Black Eyed Peas and One Size O. BAZERK have released eight albums to date with a new one on the way in 2018 called “Y’all Famous For Nothing”. Watch out planet earth… BAZERK are comin’ to get y’all..

BAZERK has been performed all around Los Angeles and the west coast. They spend their free time recording new tracks and videos, and thinking of even crazier ways to make the fans go wild. They have been on the stages of such Los Angeles venues as the House of Blues, Queen Mary, the Roxy Theater, Boardner’s, and more. They recently release their seventh album, "American Made Monster," which features many new tracks and a few re-worked fan favorites. Bazerk have collaborated on tracks with artists such as funk master, George Clinton who stated that BAZERK was “A great original band" and long-time friend, Angelo Moore from Fishbone and Dr. Mad Vibe. BAZERK has won seventeen Battles of the Bands, earning them a standing reputation and fan base around Los Angeles. BAZERK Recently released single "EVERYBODY WANTS A PIECE OF ME" Is rocking the airways.. They are also about to release BREAK STUFF a remake of the limp bizkit .

Discovered via Musosoup