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With "BC35: Volume Two" out now, honouring producer Martin Bisi and his decades of work with artists ranging from Sonic Youth and Helmet, to Brian Eno and Fab Five Freddy, EXCOP have shared a new video for ‘Tina’, a song from the new album.

EXCOP, a band assembled specifically for the "BC35" project, consists entirely of ex-members of Cop Shoot Cop and Swans.

Pitchfork has described "BC35" as "a sonic embodiment of risk-taking, rule-breaking, and antithesis that celebrates the endurance of a man and a space tied directly to New York’s noise, art-rock, punk, free jazz, hip-hop, and alternative movements."

Amidst all the "BC35: Volume Two" celebration and nostalgia, the future of BC Studio, the Brooklyn studio where Bisi has lived and worked for almost four decades, is currently unknown. A rezoning plan, put forth by the city in January, seeks to reshape the neighborhood completely – the fate of the old factory building housing BC Studio is uncertain at this time. - Read more, here

"Notable producer Martin Bisi has compiled a second tribute to his BC Studio. On 'BC35: Volume Two,' members of Sonic Youth, Swans, White Hills, Cop Shoot Cop, Live Skull and others were organized into random groups and told to improvise, then recorded, edited and mixed by Bisi. EXCOP is one of those groups, featuring former Swans bassist Algis Kizys, plus members of noise rock group Cop Shoot Cop... Skronky, chaotic noise rock." –Decibel

"If you have even a tangential interest in art-rock, noise, industrial, and metal music from the ’80s through today, then you’ve probably heard something Martin Bisi has worked on. The prolific producer is responsible for capturing the sounds of Sonic Youth, Swans, Helmet, White Zombie, Cop Shoot Cop, and many more – including Herbie Hancock’s GRAMMY-winning hit, Rockit – at his BC Studio recording facility in Gowanus, Brooklyn." - –Kerrang

"Last year, underground NYC music producer Martin Bisi celebrated the 35th anniversary of his BC Studio with a compilation album of music recorded at BC Studio... Bisi is now following that album with 'BC35: Volume Two,' and as the press release points out, this sequel 'comes amidst new clouds of uncertainty, as neighborhood rezoning talks commenced in February which could impact BC Studio in a number of ways.'” –BrooklynVegan

"This 'BC35' record does not disappoint – it will take your mind on an outergalactic Noise Rock trip to another fucking universe. " - Cvlt Nation

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