• The Vibe


Our music takes influence from an eclectic range of artists and genres. We combine elements of modern UK rock (bands such as DON BROCO, Bring Me the Horizon and Boston Manor) with delicate electronic textures, culminating in a sound that welcomes high energy moments infused with moments of luscious atmosphere.

This has led us to craft a sound truly unique to us. We strive to create music that is genuine to us and can express a variety of feelings and emotions, whilst remaining catchy, relatable and crowd-pleasing. Can't Sleep is one of our more introspective tracks, telling a personal story of heartbreak in adolescence, a familiar feeling to many and one that we are sure our listeners can relate to.

Through the desire to have complete control over our musical identity, we have recorded, produced and mixed this record entirely by ourselves and hence, the song comes from a body of work (Do You Feel EP released June 19th) that is as much a part of us as we are ourselves. We hope that you find something in this record that you can enjoy, thank you.