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Ben Evolent's new album 'Wanderous'

One of Northern Territory’s most celebrated songwriters and live performers, Ben Evolent, is about to release his debut album Wanderous, an expansive experience of compassion, connection and wonder.

‘Musically it’s a big band sound, one in which I have never had the chance to create.’ - Ben Evolent

Recorded over the passage of three days, Wanderous is an all Northern Territory project recorded at Masters Studio in Palmerston, mixed by the talented Ben Allen of Broadwing fame and mastered by Dave Crowe (Resin Moon) of Sing Hum in Alice Springs. Wanderous is as diverse as the weather of the Northern Territory, and reflects the many joys and tribulations of Ben Evolent’s journey to date. Encapsulating the simplicity of being and the complexities of forging your own path. Focus single Golden Age the strongest representative of the album’s core tenets of self-belief, trust in community and using these pillars to explore and take the steps necessary to find fulfilment. The gruff country rock riffs emboldened by the echoes of Ben Evolent’s resounding presence and strong sense of self.

‘Ben's Album is quintessentially Territorian, rough around the edges through to soft and sentimental in the middle. It is very much like the top end weather as it changes seasons. It switches dynamically between laid back to full intensity in one song, much like a wet season storm building up waiting for rain. ’ - Ben Allen, Producer of Wanderous

Ben Evolent is centered within the magic and mystery of Wanderous, from the shimmering affirmation of 2019’s single Shiver, the sonorous tenderness of Cards and the wisdom of album closer Happiness Ben Evolent is grounded and genuine.

Across his two EPs and various singles, Ben Evolent has developed a dynamic range, from wistful folk to sweltering swamp-rock. His talent has garnered consistent nominations in the prestigious NT Song of the Year Award, winning in 2016 with his song Next Time. In 2017 he released the EP Next Time to a sold out crowd at Darwin Railway Club, the enthusiastic reception holding the no.10 spot in the AMRAP charts for 2 weeks, airplay on national broadcaster Triple j and over 100 000 plays on Spotify.

With this wealth of experience and breadth of expression firmly established, in 2020 Ben Evolent offers his debut album Wanderous. Ben Evolent is a storyteller on a wondrous journey.


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