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Ben Hemming New Live Dates

Ben Hemming has confirmed some new dates for the summer :

Jul 19 : The Gladstone, Lant St London, SE1 Aug 24 : GB Rhythm & Blues Festival, Colne Sep 16 : The Half Moon, Putney, London Sep 23 : The Robin, Mount Pleasant, Wolverhampton Sep 28 : The Howling Wolf, Bath Street, Glasgow

Inside is the brand new single from Ben Hemming.

Nu-bluesman Ben Hemming releases his brand new single, in the form of the menacing ‘Inside’, the third track from the forthcoming album ‘The Devil Beside Me’.

Having spent the last two years relentlessly honing his craft by touring around Europe (twice), and immersing himself in songwriting, Hemming returns to the fore with his boldest musical statement to date.

‘A unique musical entity’ The Blues Magazine

‘Songs of bleak beauty’ Blues Blast Magazine

‘This is a new blues’ Americana UK

“‘Dead Man Blues’ is really a metaphor for feeling ignored in a world that no longer shares your beliefs,” Hemming explains, “and actually it’s the first track on the new album because that sense of isolation and detachment is a central theme that runs throughout the record.”

Recorded at The Blues Studios in London’s Hackney with fabled producer Mark Waterman (Depeche Mode, Elastica) behind the desk, ‘The Devil Beside Me’ is a tangible step forward. The staple dark brooding remains throughout, but is supplemented now by a drive and energy that helps take this body of work to a whole new level. The result is a richly dynamic album that musically drives more than Hemming’s previous work, whilst simultaneously showcasing his trademark lyrical vulnerability. Above all, his ability to capture a rawness of emotion remains undiminished.

“The central theme of the album is all in the title,” he explains, “It deals with one’s inner demons and how fears and insecurities can hold you back from achieving what you believe is your life’s destiny. Its really a journey that leads to overcoming those demons, and becoming a stronger and more developed person because of it.”

‘The Devil Beside Me’ is available to pre-order/for pre-save here

The accompanying video is available to view below

Oxford date : 18th June : Sandys Piano Bar, King Edward St, Oxford

THE DEVIL BESIDE ME – Album release notes


1.       Dead Man Blues 2.       Inside 3.       Feeling Holy 4.       Never Had a Heart 5.       I Know it to be True 6.       Take This Life 7.       Me and The Leper 8.       One Eyed King 9.       The Sea 10.    The Devil Beside Me


Dead Man Blues – The opening track to the album is about a sense of isolation and being somehow detached from the world. Having ‘Dead Man Blues’ being a metaphor for feeling ignored in a world that no longer shares your truths and beliefs.

Inside – This is about inner insecurities and fears being to blame for our problems, these ‘demons’ inside being what’s holding us back and leading us off of the right path in our lives.

Feeling Holy – I guess this song is about being alone and accepting that. It’s also about a sense of invisibility and that’s were the title comes from, but it’s also about the contradiction of feeling untouchable and vulnerable at the same time.

Never Had a Heart – This track could easily be seen as a song about losing love, but it’s really about the isolation that comes with living in big cities, of losing yourself and your sense of identity. Of trying to find meaning and escape in the modern world.

I Know it to be True – Religion acts as a metaphor for the failings of modern life in this song. The lyrics are inspired by the Lords Prayer and talks of desperation and isolation.

Take This Life – This song is about my childhood, which is a very different environment from where I live now. It’s about feeling out of place with your surroundings and a feeling for being destined for more than your current life holds.

Me and The Leper - This is probably one of the darkest tracks of the album. It tells the tail of a man’s dealings with the devil but it’s really about coming to terms with the dark side of your character and learning how to overcome it.

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