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Benedict is back with his spellbinding pop. New video for single ‘Finish The Wine’

"Benedicts storytelling on "When We Were Young" is beautiful, with the lyrics so detailed you can imagine your own music video in your head." - It's All Indie

"Benedict's alternative, slightly dark sound is one that takes you on a personal and infectious ride. You will come out of tx`his experience having shed some of your pain." - Dreaminisfree

"The video completely captures the song and the idea behind it. 'When We Were Young' gains strength, and is incredible." - We Love That Sound

"Benedict has just released a stunningly cinematic music video for his impressive ‘When We Were Young‘ single. Spellbinding work from everybody involved." - The Sound Sniffer

Benedict about ‘Finish The Wine’

"Finish The Wine is a Mrs Robinson 2020 (theme from The Graduate). The song tells the story of a young man having diner with a woman a little older than he is. The game is on, the diner is nice, they totally fall for each other but neither of them wants to show their cards. He willingly believes all her lies to get her into bed."


When you first hear Benedicts’ epic and pensive ballads, it’s hard to picture the cheeky crooner responsible for the notes. Smits’ often nearly mumbling voice layers his lyrics over an intense and undulating piano accompanied by some gracefully arranged horn and string arrangements. Benedict steals his favorite elements from bands like The National, Tindersticks and Nick Cave. Precise drums, evocative, wistful lyrics and romantic and hectic layers of keyboard. Benedict is music to fall in love while holding each other tight. It’s hard to know whether being stabbed at 17 years old gave birth to Benedict or whether he would have been born anyway, but Smits belongs on the stage and it’s hard to imagine he could have ever chosen a different path.

With a head full of ideas and a stomach full of unresolved trauma, writing music kept making more sense than anything else. After trying to argue with it for a while, he realized it was pointless and quit his conventional job. He stopped trying to fit into the boxes of this world and after a while he got, like most of us, his heart broken and Benedict appeared. Benedict live, is like an Old Fashioned cocktail of Mad Men and Twin Peaks with Lana Del Rey’s counterpart as your bartender.