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Bhura - IDK

The track comes with massive missiles of pain and self suffering. Whether we are aware of this “hurt” or are treating it as just another break-up. From going to best friends to strangers in a matter of seconds. There is a stretch of self awareness and understanding what is right for this said person in this present moment. As in my experience we human beings are quick to fall in the clasps of love or even the munipulaton. That’s what I like to call blinded by love. But here we have overcome this obstacle and understand that there is more to self and more to love. That we deserve more.

The Biography of Bhura

I am Bhura the independent artist that’s taking myself and the level of my energy across the world. I have done many shows and open mics starting from small towns in British Columbia, Canada all the way to the bigger cities across Canada and into the United Kingdom where I shall keep moving from here. I am a first generation ethnic kid with a mission and leaving everything I know behind to pursue those endeavors.

I am not only a singer-songwriter, but a producer, painter and designer. I dabble in all types of art forms because I believe in the power of art and love. Having grown up through listening to various amounts of ethnic music whether it be indian oldies to the 2000s pop-rock and hip-hop era I have used my knowledge of sound and sense of self to create the talent I have acquired which is growing on a daily basis.

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