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Blabbermouth - new album HöRSPIEL

Lu Edmonds and Mark Roberts join forces to create a soundscape of eclecticness with their brand new album 'Hörspiel’.

Exploring the underbelly of modern life, alternative histories and the allegedly imminent take-over of the world by robots & AI. The new project from Lu Edmonds (PiL, Mekons, The Damned et al.) and Mark Roberts (The Godfathers, D-Ream, Neneh Cherry et al.) is a multilingual spoken word album, a musical hear-play ("hörspiel")

In a loose nod to German radio-plays of the 1920s, the album 'Hörspiel’ uses semi-random texts culled from the Interweb, performed by synthetic speech-robots using questionable online machine translations (Chinese, Russian, French, English, Tuvan, Japanese, German, Hindi, Spanish, Turkish etc.)

In short, Blabbermouth have provided a soundtrack of ambient, industrial, pop, world, folk, free improv soundscape & post-punk. It’s doubtful such a tapestry of music has been created from such sources.

Video for Tohoku Manga below

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Lu Edmonds - (UK) guitar, saz, cümbüs, bVox

The Damned 1977, Kirsty MacColl 1978, '3 Mustaphas 3' 1982, The Waterboys 1983, Mekons & Shriekback 1984, John Lydon's PiL 1986 + 2018, Yat-Kha 1992, Billy Bragg 1994, Lol Coxhill 2000, Babar Luck 2004, les Triaboliques & Raz3 2007 + one-offs: e.g. Laurie Anderson, Thomas Mapfumo & the Blacks Unlimited, Alaap, Yusuf Islam etc.

Mark Roberts - (UK) Drums,Synths

The Godfathers 1991, D-Ream 1993, DJ RAP 2000, Babar Luck + one-off albums, tours & sessions: Youssou n'Dour / Neneh Cherry ("7 seconds"), Massive Attack, Peter Bruntnell, Bay City Rollers etc.

Also Featuring: Yat-Kha throat-singer Albert Kuvezin - (Siberia), the Mekons singer Sally Timms, Istanbul diva Brenna MacCrimmon (Canada), the Mekons Rico Bell on accordion, the legendary Henry Cow Tim Hodgkinson on klarnet, Ken Hyder on percussion, ex-Magazine guitarist Ben Mandelson (UK) hawaiian guitar and Robert Plant guitarist Justin Adams on guitar solos. Mixing & Microphones by Adie Hardy (Unit2 studios ACTON).


1. Deep State (Derin Devlet)

language: Turkish / English

feat: Albert Kuvezin & Brenna MacCrimmon, Lu & voice-robots incl. Presidents Eisenhower & Attatürk

text: The Susurluk car crash of 1996 exposed the usual tangled human web of gubmint-mafia-terrorist-drugs-guns-$$$ etc. It could never happen here, of course

2. Karbap-Karbap

language: Tuvan (from the headwaters of the Siberian Yenisei river)

feat: Albert Kuvezin (Yat-Kha, ex Hun-huur-tu)

text: In a post-CCCP industrial collapse, a cut-up of shamanic incantations calling out to the wild

3. MaschineFragment

language: German / Russian / Tuvan

feat: Albert Kuvezin (Yat-Kha), Lu & voice-robots incl. Karl Marx, Goethe & Stalin and Lenin slogans

text: In the upcoming brave new AI world Art will be the last bastion of the human mistake

4. Tamanaco

language: Spanish / Latin

feat: Albert Kuvezin & voice-robots; the last cacique of Venezuela Tamanaco screams... 

text: "A brevísima relación de la Destrucción de las Indias" by the great 16thC whistleblower Bartolomé de las Casas & the heretic Isaac Newton adds in his 2c

5. La Lettre du Voyageur

language: French-Canadian

feat: Sally Timms & Rico Bell (Mekons), Ken Hyder (Raz3) & voice-robots

text: A true-life love tragedy - from the original 1832 letters to the Hudson Bay Company from the widow Marie-St.-Germain on the subject of her recently deceased husband's accounts, and his letter of 1830 to her

6. Facts don’t Lie

language: English / Mandarin

feat: voice-robots, Lu and Justin Adams (eGtr)

text: Exploring WMD and the fake-news underbelly via a cut-up of the Chilcot Enquiry; some sane words from Thomas Paine and some less so from Wendy (Mrs. Murdoch) Deng on her one true love (T. Blair)

7. r2d2

language: English / Russian

feat: voice-robots and Tim Hodgkinson (Klarnet)

text: Lost in the Oubliettes of the Digital call-centre Dungeons, a thousand help-lines cut-up + a riposte from Pushkin’s Gypsies

8. Tohoku Manga

language: Japanese

feat: voice-robots and old video-games

text: A train trip around NE Japan leads into the Zone (“Stalker” ©Strugatsky Bros) around Fukushima

9. Tumbao

language: multi-lingual / English

feat: the Blabbermouth Voice-Robot Ensemble

text: Blabbermouth checks in, and checks out with full voice-robots cast (use as intro or outro)

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