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Black Palms - Turned To Ash

Kurt Cobain once described Nirvana as ‘Bay City Rollers after an assault by Black Sabbath’; he recognised that pop didn’t have to be light, and rock didn’t have be noise, that they could in fact, be the perfect partners. It was this mantra that laid the foundation for Black Palms.

Singer Briony Macanas grew up singing soul but felt the need to amplify, drifting towards a heavier sound and a rock vocal tone. Meanwhile avid metal-head guitarist Chris Sarantis, had joined Southampton pop rock band Volume with drummer Tally Fathalla, and was moving in the other direction; away from the riffs and screaming and towards hooky songwriting. By the time the three crossed paths back in London they instantly connected: Briony brought the hooks, Tally brought the big beats and Chris tempered the mix with his iconic octave guitar sound, their blend of metal, rock, soul and pop creating the unique Black Palms sound that’s won them so many plaudits to date.

Inspiration behind the track

Bri’s idea behind the lyrics for ‘Turned To Ash’ –

Human existence is brief but intense. We burn with powerful emotions and treat one another with kindness and cruelty. We ask ourselves who we are and who we should be resulting in potent and radical changes in the way we think and act on an individual and global level. But in the end, this tiresome personal struggle, a blip, will all end in ashes. The lyrics in this song are a metaphor for my frustration at the fragility of life and the meaninglessness of it all. ‘The stars will fade into the shade’ describing the ultimate fate of the universe.

I feel the lyrics and meaning echo the way the track bursts into life, simmering in verses, exploding in choruses, falling into a dizzying rollercoaster-like mid-section, before the inevitable last gasp.

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