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Blackbird new video spotlights the problem of Suicide among Soldiers and reminds them there is help

This video makes an important statement that could possibly save the life of one of your viewers.  Here are some sobering statistics:

Most statistical studies show 22 veterans die by suicide every day.  That equates to over 8,000 a year.  

Total US Military killed in action in Iraq since 2003 = 3,481

Total US Military killed in action in Afghanistan between 2001 and 2014 = 1,833

We lose more veterans to suicide, every year, than we lost to enemy combat in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined...

Independent band, BLACKBIRD ANTHEM, is on a mission to help revive original southern rock music while giving back to the military veteran community. Founded by lead singer and songwriter, Adam C. Martin (U.S. Army combat veteran), the band creates a sound reminiscent to the age of vinyl where country, rock, and blues merged somewhere below the Mason-Dixon line. Their gift for channeling raw emotion into lyrics, fueled by passionate performances give fans an experience of the grit, beauty, and pride of the south.

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