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'blankface' New Single: ‘Bonzai Trees’

“Bonzai Trees” is a great demonstration of experimental and inspirational sound. Inspired by one of his key influences Flying Lotus. blankface’s Bonzai Trees has an upbeat groove which drives through the beat. This is also laced with synth swirls, powerful chords and an accompanying brass horn build; giving the listener a sense of a journey as they listen through the track. Reaching a calm piano piece towards the end, providing an introspective feel to the beat before the final drum break comes in to finish the journey.

Very rarely is it that a new and upcoming producer comes along and redefines a genre of music; combining multiple influences together to create a sound and completely new approach within genres, such as hip-hop or electronic. UK based producer blankface however, seems to be providing music lovers with this whole new take on what this sound can be.

The producer hailing from Brecon in rural Wales is on the verge of releasing his seminal beat tape “Somewhere I Doubt You’ll Find”. A collection of tracks merging the classic drum grooves of hip hop, with the experimental sound of electronic. He himself claims the inspiration for the tape was a move away from the more Jazz Hop and Soul orientated sound he has previously released, to a more experimental feel; and, the idea that we all operate individually inside our own minds. That each person’s mentality is unique, it is what drives and defeats them; and no matter how you try to explain what you think or how you feel to someone else, no one can truly know or understand what’s inside your own mind. A place you’d doubt they’d find. His aim is that this tape can be something any fans of instrumental music can enjoy and take something from. That without lyrics the listener can explore what each track means to them specifically. How the beats may evoke different emotions for each person. This idea is inspired by blankface’s love and admiration of the Lo-Fi hip hop movement.

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