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Boa - new video and "Bag of Seeds" album

BOA (Lorenzo Bonarini), just released the video for the single "Bag of Seeds", anticipating the same-title album due out on Nov. 07th on Seahorse Recordings.

The video was shot in NYC. The story and photography could remind a Gus Van Sant movie.

Bag of Seeds is a country tinged ballad with a black soul core, crooked and twisted.

BAG OF SEEDS is the title of Boa new album, featuring 8 unreleased songs. Each track is like a seed growing up in different shapes and colours, from blues ballads to country, from alt.folk to shades of grunge, all bundled together by a personal and honest approach.

Lorenzo Bonarini, based in Padova, recorded the album in his living room between March and June 2017, with the help of local friend musicians.

Bag of Seeds is not Boa's first album, but is the first in English, a natural decision pushed by the first seed, which was the desire to write an homage for Leonard Cohen after his departure, but it soon developed in different directions.

The second track, Pinch of Salt, is the one showing more clearly Lorenzo's love for the Cohen's music.

Of course also the release date of the album was chosen as a melancholic homage, from a truly devoted fan. 

BOA is a songwrite, singer and guitarist born near Perugia on June 27th, 1980. It was the same day the Dc-9 Itavia plane sank in Ustica and Bob Marley played his biggest italian show at San Siro Stadium. 

Lorenzo Bonarini - this his real name - has written music for jazz musicians and soundtracks, has worked with a movies lab, with hip-hop groups, and experimented also with Reggae, italian indie and grunge. 

He studied guitar with masters of jazz as Bebo Ferra, Rory Stuart, Daniele Santimone. His love for music was never met by any desire for stardom or success. The almost casual discovery of the "Bag of Seeds" gem by a new management and Seahorse Recordings is what is now bringing his music and talent to an hopefully wider audience of listeners, in search of truthfulness more than appearance.

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