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Border. - "Double Rainbow"

“Double Rainbow” is Border.'s first single, programmatically released on June 25th.

Radical, acid, a shower of heavy synths, dance beats and almost metal riffs, the track is BORDER's battle chant in support of LGBTQIA rights, against any form of racism, social injustice and inequality. Rave music you can sing along wth, to joyously escape from the grey of ignorance and prejudices and dive in – body and spirit – into the technicolor chaos of a freshly awaken Life.

The video, edited with the help of Valeria Von Teese, is a possibly even more radical take on the world's state of Politics: Trump, Salvini, the Pope, K.Pop moves, Pride Parades and flashes of the duo playing in fluo colours are all mixed up resulting in an exciting chaotic maelstrom.

We are BOrder. and we don't exist

It was 2017 when Demi More and Erika had their first meeting in Via del Pratello, a street that's the cradle of alternative counter-culture movements and life in Bologna. Both shared love for heavy electronic music, post punk and garage rock, and had been involved in music, theatre and performance arts, with Demi being invited in 2012 to play at German Lollapaloza, and Erika having various collaborations, also with Greta from Rev Rev Rev for an experimental music project. Demi was looking for a female voice for his new “elettro hard” idea: their common passion for The Prodigy, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cramps, Garbage created the perfect match.

They just had a slight different view about the meaning and necessity of political borders. “We'll call the band Border. – said Erika – 'cause Borders do not exist”.

It was June 2018 when Border. finally left their reharsal room to play live at legendary Covo Club in Bologna for Hammer Festival. The special event involved historical members of the local scene on the bill, playing tribute to the Velvet Underground, and also an exhibition in memory of the celeb cartoonist Marcello Albano, who worked for Warner Bros and Marvel on carachters as Conan, Spider Man and Bugs Bunny. With their extreme, danceable and uncompromising sound quickly gaining them more and more followers, Demi and Erika entered in September 2019 LOTO Studio, and with help from producer Gian Luca Lo Presti their first EP was finally born, now scheduled for September 2020.



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