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Borito releases new single "Child"

"Since releasing their debut single… it’s fair to say that Israeli four piece ‘Borito’ are turning indie heads across the globe…" RGM Magazine

Welcome to Borito's time machine, music that sends you back your summer vacation. Music that is all about bringing back innocence, the freedom of loving, living and creating without the obligations and disappointments of adulthood.

orito has received a lot of attention with their first two singles "Nice & Slowly" & "My kind of Love". The songs are being played in radio stations around the world: UK, The Netherlands, South Korea & of course Israel. Playlists, international blogs and magazines are featuring the songs and complementing Borito's unique sound.

On December 9th Borito is releasing its new single "Child" from their forthcoming album "What We Have Now". The single Child continues with themes of growing up and facing adulthood in our uncertain time.

Yael Copeland, who wrote the lyrics, entered adulthood but it did not look like she was told it would. The world has change and the children who grew up are asking what now?

These are feelings that are familiar to many young adults that experience the difficulty of becoming a 'grown up' according to societies expectations. Today our reality is changing dramatically and our future is unknow. Many young people are defining their own way to be an adult and defying old values and norms.

Borito's members who grew up in the 90's are owning their "childishness", still seeking for their individual path and enjoying the comfort of not being fully immersed in the 'grown up' world.

This catchy straightforward tune blends with these ideas. Influenced by musical themes from the 90's and a dreamy contemporary sound. As always, we see today cultural clashes between young and older generations. We believe that each person should cherish their inner child and remember we we're all searching for our way in life in one time or another.

There is so much pressure in being an adult, we forget to have fun sometimes. Hopefully this song will remind you.