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Borka Balogh breaks the taboo of mental health with her new single “BURDEN”

Amsterdam-based indie singer-songwriter Borka Balogh breaks the taboo of mental health with her new single “BURDEN”. As a follow-up of her eponymous debut album, Borka now digs deeper and calls for a change in the way society deals with mental health issues.

Struggles Should Be Normality

Haunting and dramatic, the sound and image of BURDEN illustrates the internal struggle that people with mental health issues face when balancing their need to belong and their need to be accepted for who they are.

“I wanted to illustrate how insanely difficult it is for people to adhere to the standard of being normal and fit into society at the same time. I don’t believe in normality - I think that we are all different in how we deal with our life and some of us get ostracized from society because we are somehow too different. I want people to know that there is nothing wrong with being that. If we all realize this, maybe we can create a more inclusive crowd full of us ostracized ones.”

Mental Health Issues are Personal

Borka has been open about her own struggles, sharing anecdotes of heartbreaks and suicidal incidents both on her records and during her shows. However, this is the first time that she undresses all metaphors and showcases her own struggles, translating it into a serious societal issue.

“I have been struggling with Borderline Personality Disorder, and throughout the years I have gone through all kinds of emotions about it. For a long time I was ashamed and angry because I felt like I was alone with all of this and nobody could relate to how I felt or acted. The past years, with moving to Amsterdam, I’ve seen many people of many cultures struggling the way I do, and this made me become more vocal about mental health. We all need to talk about it so we don’t feel so alone in this world.’’

DIY Video For Independent Art

The new single, along with a somewhat unsettling yet mesmerizing video clip, is set to hit all platforms on the 10th of October, the World Mental Health day. “I wanted to make this song into a project with a collective of people around me who resonate with my fight for accepting mental issues. Three of my friends (Nikola Fin, Merlijn Marcus and Matunda Groenendijk) let their creative juices flow and ended up creating a perfect visual description of how I think many of us feel in our worst moments.

I prefer doing DIY collaborative work with my friends because I feel like it is very difficult for our generation to get our art out there and reach more people instead of getting lost in the endless news feeds on social media. I have tremendous trust in them, and that is why for this project I let them do their thing with the visuals. This way of creating always gives a whole new perspective of my own songs, and it gives us all a platform to showcase our art in one go.