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Brand new single “No Heart In The Heart Of The City” from Fossway

“The comparisons with famous British acts like Radiohead – the complexity – and Muse – the catchiness – Fossway are en route to creating their very own style, that defies comparison” - New York GlamGlare Magazine

“I would find it unsurprising if Fossway were to become far more widely known in short order” - Emerging Indie Bands

Their sound reminds me of Artic Monkeys or Franz Ferdinand with their grungy yet fresh take on the alternative genre.” - Lava Soup

Fans of grunge will fondly remember the “loud-quiet-loud” dynamic. While songs like “Lithium” by Nirvana or “Gigantic” by Pixies started with calm, Fossway adopt a less serene start point.” - Right Chord Music

Photo Credit: Damien Wootten

Fossway are: Daniel Mason (Vocals and Guitar), Harry Lowery (Drums), Jacob Herrington (Guitar) & John Lennox (Bass and Vocals).

June 2018 saw Fossway launch their debut single ‘Parasite’ to critical acclaim for its alternative-rock sound, with lyrical inspiration drawn from the current political climate of Brexit in Europe, and the rise of Trump in the US.

‘Mannequin’ was the follow-up single, released in October 2018 and further cemented the band’s reputation as ones to be watching, especially in the context of contemporaries such as The Blinders, who are also known for their political-tinged alternative/rock.

March 2019 now sees Fossway release their third single ‘No Heart In The Heart Of The City’, featuring a heavier sound combined with a faster pace that grabs the listener from the first note and refuses to let go until the very end.

“No Heart In The… I about how many governments, globally, don’t support the creative arts in the form of music, art, photography, dance, etc. The struggle for creative people to get their art seen/heard and, consequently, make a living from their artistic endeavours, seems to becoming increasingly harder. There’s also a degree of cynicism in relation to the mass production of music; there seems to be an oversaturation of music without meaning, i.e. songs that are deliberately made to be excessively commercial and carry little artistic value” – Daniel Mason (Frontman + Guitar).

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