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Brisbane based Jade Not Jade - "DNA"

Brisbane based singer-songwriter Jade Not Jane combines intimate storytelling with her raw vocal prowess to create music that will stay with you long after it’s finished.

Following the release of “Nothing Like This Feeling” and “Burn”, Jade Not Jane is back with “DNA”, produced by Brisbane producer Maximo. Filled with woozy synth patterns and delicate acoustics, the track’s alt-pop rhythms will remind you of how much it can hurt when those you love decide to lie. Discussing her motivation behind the track, Jade explains - “‘DNA’ to me is one of the most important songs I have written to date. I went through a rough time with my songwriting a while back and had someone who was really close to me start discouraging my music. They were so manipulative that it caused me not to write for a long period of time. ‘DNA’ was the first song I completed after this and it was such a special moment.”

“People can be so cruel and never have to accept consequences from doing so because they refuse to see how their actions can hurt others. It's like they don't know any different like it's in their DNA.

There is a line in the bridge that is repeated, 'Lie to me' and I think that this line represents the understanding that no matter what, some people will lie to you and hurt you. And in this particular case, I am no longer letting this person hurt me because they won't change.

So being able to get this song out meant I was able to remove the toxic roadblock from my mind and continue doing the thing I loved. Making music.”

In the past year, Jade has played intimate live shows with Sofar Sounds, BigSound, and a sold-out single launch at Bloodhound Bar. Selected as one of four Brisbane artists to be a part of an artist development program called ‘The Grid Series’ in 2019, Jade had the opportunity to work with producers Konstantin Kersting and Yanto Browning for her powerful single ‘Nothing Like This Feeling’.

Capturing intimate thoughts and feelings with her emotional songwriting, “DNA” is indication of an artist on the rise.

DNA” is set for release on August 6th.

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