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Bronston - Burnt Snakes

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Bronston is a Scottish rock band formed in 2017 in Edinburgh, Scotland. The band’s line-up includes Adam Campbell (lead vocals, guitar), James Callaghan (bass guitar, backing vocals), Ryan Firth (keyboard, guitar, backing vocals), and Mark Hennys (drums, percussion).

Bronston released their first single, I Feel Safe, in 2017, showcasing their riff-oriented, synthaugmented, alternative rock style to a sold out audience at an accompanying show at Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh.

Their sound incorporates a variety of different styles and influences, taking inspiration from artists such as Arctic Monkeys, Tame Impala, Foals, and Anderson .Paak.

Bronston’s music explores themes of external oppression, alternative realities, and anxieties about the future. Their lyrics link internal conflicts with notions of a future shaped by philosophical and technological advances.

The band have been touring around Scotland and have been featured at La Belle Angele, King Tut's, SoFar Sounds Aberdeen, and the BBC Stage at the Edinburgh Fringe, among others.

Most recently, the band have collaborated with producer Rod Jones of Idlewild, to create two new tracks. Leaving Utopia was released in January 2019 alongside a psychedelic music video featuring the members of the band. Burnt Snakes, a powerful, grooving, modern-rock track is due for release on the 31st May 2019.

About the Track

The narrative of Burnt Snakes offers two contrasting perspectives on the bizarre state of modern populist politics. The first part of the song is told from the perspective of a bemused citizen, someone who can hardly wrap their head around the utter nonsense that flows from the mouths of this new brand of politician. They listen to others as they attempt to somehow re-interpret or explain away the most jarring of these Politician's utterances, yet they cannot reconcile themselves to this twisted way of thinking. As the syncopated march of the rhythm section grooves through the first section of the song, the citizen feels increasingly out of step with this new cultural and political movement. Just before the perspective switches in the second section, the citizen finally gets to grips with the arrogance of these newly anointed thought-leaders.

The bigger, second section of the song comes from the perspective of one of the populists being critiqued by the citizen in the earlier section. This politician - blinded by their inflated sense of self worth and their overwhelming narcissism - wonders not whether or not they are on the right path, but instead when those who do not already will recognise their undeniable greatness. Emboldened as the song hammers through a heavy breakdown and soars back into the final chorus, the disdain for those the populist is tearing down and replacing is laid bare. They liken themselves to a mythical hero and their downed opponents - the former representatives of civility and order - to freshly charred serpents.


‘a shower of thick guitars and irresistible groove from the rhythm section... Jagged-edge riffs turned into accessible groove-laden numbers... Bronston know their strengths well.’ – 7ahead Music

“An absolutely outstanding band” - Kenny, Rock Sport Radio

‘Real ballsy rock... I really liked it’ – Vic Galloway

‘I can see rock fans all over loving this’ – Youth, producer, on debut single ‘I Feel Safe’

Upcoming shows

14th June - Alma Inn, Bolton

15th June - The Islington, London

28th June - Old Hairdressers, Glasgow

25th July - King Tut’s, Glasgow

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