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Brudini - Reflections - Out March 22nd

Reflections is a lonesome journey through darkness. The song rides an uneasy undercurrent: part nostalgia, part desperation, an eerie testament to current times; where vague reflections in the night uncannily evoke the darkness in our collective past.

A grooving bass slithers through the mysterious undergrowth of ‘Reflections’ as Brudini’s poised vocals and inimitable lyricism weave a wandering tale. There’s a filmic quality in the song’s slow-panning rhythmic soundscape as Brudini channels feelings of alienation and romanticism into his impressive production nous. Climaxing with a spectral epiphany, ‘Reflections’ is at the centre of Brudini’s upcoming concept album From Darkness, Light. Orchestral and vibrant, yet tinged with a heart-stopping melancholy, ‘Reflections’ is the sound of an artist railing against the unfulfilled promises of modernity. The ensuing demise of ideals is captured by the lonely armoire of its album cover by Hungarian artist Gáspár Riskó: the beautiful machine to the affirmation of humanity stands naked, obsolete and abandoned.

About Brudini

A unique voice emerging from Soho’s bohemian arts scene, Brudini has attracted praise from NYC punk manager legend Danny Fields (Iggy Pop, The Ramones, The Doors) for his erudite approach to music and lyricism. He has collaborated with Lulu Gainsbourg (son of the French icon Serge Gainsbourg), agender BBC superstar Lanah Pillay and Erasure’s Andy Bell, performed at Tate Britain and headlined last years Blogtober Festival. A product of both literary modernism and rock and roll, Brudini’s music evokes a wealth of artists and mediums. From Jim Morrison and the chansons moderne of Jacques Brel, to the avant-garde driving beats of Krautrock via the writings of Hamsun, Fante and Sartre, he comes off like a new-age lounge crooner in some smoky existential dream parlour. Wielding a live show that’s psychedelic to the point of being a total sensory experience, Brudini can always be found in that cosmic last chance saloon, uniting wayfarers and music lovers across the void through his cinematic plainsong. Debut album From Darkness, Light will be released later in 2019.

Live Dates 2019

Feb 27th: Madam Felle, Bergen (NO)

More UK and Norway dates for March/April TBA soon !!

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