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Brumfield 'OPUS' EP + Videos

South Australian artist Brumfield merges genres with his newest single, Backseat. With grit and plenty of heart, it’s the modern pop-rap vibe that drives Backseat’s desire to connect, as Brumfield explains Backseat is about the different feelings and memories of a teenage relationship, wishing they could go back to when it was new.

Brumfield arrives from Murray Bridge an hour east of Adelaide, South Australia. A self-taught producer and a budding film maker, his first memory of music was weekends spent with his cousin and her boyfriend at the time. “I would sit in the back of his tricked out commodore against the sub that took up the middle seat, he would play Hilltop Hoods2-Pac and Biggie on repeat as we would drive through the hills and around the city to different skate parks. I remember looking out the window feeling inspired at age twelve, thinking ‘How do they make music? What do they use?  Could I make music?’”

After many trials producing and promoting himself via various online communities, 2015 saw the release of his single SUMMIT.Sam Leverenz, one half of Full Tote Odds, helped me and it was at his studio that I recorded a bunch of songs, he knew a lot of people in the scene, he organised a launch for my song and a premiere for the music video at the Belair Hotel, K21 was one of the DJs and later in the night Hilltop Hoods rocked up!”

At the tail of 2017, Brumfield committed to music. Deciding to work hard on an EP. Collaborating with Taka Perry, producer for Ruel and Mallrat, Brumfield recorded Backseat in Sydney then invited Perry back to Adelaide’s Repeater hub where, in an intensely creative period, they produced the rest of songs together. Opus is a project that carries the soft side of Allday in combination with the modern songwriting of BROCKHAMPTON and is only the beginning of Brumfield’s inspired ride.

For Fans Of: Allday | Mallrat | BROCKHAMPTON

‘OPUS’ will be in Digital Stores on the 2nd of November.

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