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Bushline Sniper New Single by Canadian artist Frank Trousdell

Frank Trousdell has been labeled "A True Canadian Troubadour"  based on his style of songwriting and his delivery of his music.

Bushline Sniper. The New Release by Frank Trousdell is such a great song with captivating lyrics each time you listen. You can see the true story about this Vietnam Veteran unfold in front of you like a movie and can't stop to drop the tears. It is totally amazing. Thank you Frank for writing and recording this amazing single. 

Just a few words from Bongo Boy Music Group / Bongo Boy Records artist Frank Trousdell -

"I joined Bongo Boy Records in 2018, since then I have released a full album, three official single releases including my first music video, that received something like 10,000 hits, then we officially released my new single "What Was on Her Mind", and now in the que for today's release

"Bushline Sniper" a true story regarding vietnam. If that ain't enough we have "The Runner", up for June 2019 release. We have in the production hopper, 17 more for my producer Matt Grady of EMAC Studios in London, Ont. Canada to sink his wizardry into for completion of second Bongo Boy Records album by the end of 2019." 

Written and arranged by Frank Trousdell

Produced and co-arranged by Matt Grady Mastered by Rob Nation Recorded at EMAC Studios London Ontario Canada Album Cover Graphics by Monique Grimme Album Cover Concept by Frank Trousdell

PLAYERS Nick Fetchison - lead guitar/bass guitar Parker Booth - Drums Patrick Fockler - keyboards Doug Johnson - steel guitar Shane Guse - Fiddle/mandolin *Please note that Patrick, Doug and Shane are all road players hired by the likes of Nashville super artists i.e. Eric Church and many more.

From Port Stanley, Canada brought to the label's attention by Music Director Emidio Vaz in 2018; Bongo Boy Music Group / Bongo Boy Records released the Prelude Single of Frank Trousdell's Album THE LONG ROAD HOME on 8.14.18. The record label presented the single to the Recording Academy in Los Angeles, CA For Your Consideration (FYC) for 61th Grammy Awards® consideration ballot and it was accepted on their 1st Voting Ballot.

All songs made available for this project from North Hawk Music Publishing, SOCAN/ASCAP.

A big thank you to Emidio Vaz, Monique Grimes, Gar Francis of Bongo Boy Music Group / Bongo Boy Records for believing in our project. Also, a very special thank you for my friends that did make it big in the business, that are no longer with us, thank you for letting me be your friend and for the lessons you taught me in the studio.

Earlier in 2018 Frank's original song titled "Little Girl, Big City" was introduced to Bongo Boy Records and the label accepted the track to be featured on Bongo Boy Records Homestead Volume Three album by Various Artists. This Americana album series is for Folk, Country and Bluegrass type of music.

Another great original song that was written by Frank Trousdell titled "Gotta Hold On" was also been accepted by the label and will be featured on the record label's other compilation series The Gospel Blues by Various Artists. Bongo Boy Records' Gospel Blues series inspired and supported by Radio DJ host Bill Kenton from Bill and Kat Radio Station in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

News story provided by Bongo Boy Records