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Break My Love is an anti-pop song based on the innocence and naivety of young love, rejecting the idea of faith and passion in favour of a more matter-of-fact, physical approach to the subject. Following in the footsteps of their previous releases, Cache-Cache package this up with razorsharp riffs and heavyweight production.

In a detour from their past subject matter, which tackles parallel universes (is there a plural for this?!), cultural miscommunication, and savage beasts being used to seek revenge, Cache-Cache have dared to venture into the realm of love, or more accurately, a world where love is without love, so to speak; Break My Love combines a modern soundscape/dense harmonic structure with a late 80s/early 90s pop vibe, reflected in the retro graphics and imagery portrayed in the accompanying video, inspired by the gaudy and ultra artificial effects from 1980s Top Of The Pops, whereby inhabitants of those who were there first time around needed nothing more than a pair of fluorescent leg warmers, American Football-sized shoulder pads, and an innate ability to to perform the most awkward looking one-step known to humankind. As you can appreciate, a lot of archive BBC Three footage was viewed prior to the making of this video…

Break My Love features the vocal talents of one of the North East’s burgeoning artists, in the shape of the superb Elizabeth Liddle. Her vocal lends itself perfectly to the lyrical rejection of the love theme, providing a great platform for the band’s abstract arrangement and production style.

‘Don’t miss out on this band - the music video is reminiscent of The Mighty Boosh…it really does compliment the unique flavour of this track’ NARC Magazine

‘Black Mirror meets Wizard Of Oz’ Nick Roberts, BBC Introducing

‘colourful, highly experimental, and wildly epic’ Banger Sound

‘Simply delicious…the groove slides effortlessly between 7/4 and 4/4…you find yourself lost in the jazzy piano and string chords’ NE Volume



Discovered via Musosoup