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Calista Kazuko releases debut album, ‘EMPRESS’, an epic anthology of feminine power and sexuality

“Powerful women throughout history are massively sexualised, even objectified. Is it because history is written by men? Or were these Empresses using their female prowess to rule the world?” Calista Kazuko

About ‘Empress’

Calista’s highly anticipated debut album ‘Empress’ considers the stories of women in history to form this fearless, cinematic tribute to womanhood, self-love and empowerment. Co-produced by award-winning film composer Guy Dagul and recorded at London’s Rattle Studios,

'Empress’ finds Calista continuing to modify the norms of modern songwriting with a characteristic mix of sensuality and sense of humour. Each track tells a story about a different Empress, resulting in a stunning concept album that challenges complex themes while never losing its sense of fun: the song ‘Cake’, for instance, finds Marie Antoinette on Tinder!

Tracklistings: Empress

1: The Empress

2: Come To Mama

3: Lady Cherry

4: Benzo Belle

5: Ode to Genevieve

6: Dear Sabotage

7: S.S. Lizzie

8: Sick Like Me

9: Cake

10: We Are Empress

For the past few months Calista has been sharing a series of themed releases from the album, noting: “Along with celebrating fierce, fabulous women, the ‘Empress’ album addresses hardships women are continuing to fight globally. Although we’ve come a long way, the struggle for equality continues.” Calista Kazuko

Accompanying releases are awareness-raising campaigns, working with leading partner charities to address themes including LGBTQ+ rights, period shame, prescription-drug dependency and domestic abuse.

The album is dedicated to Calista’s greatest influence and inspiration, her Father - the late, great violinist Paul Robertson and is coming out to celebrate his birthday.

About Calista Kazuko

High art, high class, high gloss, high drama – meet Calista Kazuko, the High Priestess of Pop Macabre. Hers is a femme-fatale fusion of sophistication, glamour and smart lyrical garrottes. 

A singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist known for cinematic genre-bending and controversial boundary-pushing, Calista studied classical/jazz piano and composition at London’s Royal Academy of Music, and has since been performing and winning fans across the world with her dynamic voice and captivating songs. Following the success of the critically acclaimed ‘Project: Love Me’ EP, Calista is now preparing to release her highly anticipated debut solo album, ‘Empress’, out this autumn. She founded and launched charity-based arts collective Voice of Aiko in 2018 and is currently penning her first feature length piece of music-theatre with playwright Stephanie Martin.

Having composed several international floor-fillers under pseudonyms, Calista’s impact in the world of music is matched in that of fashion, where Stella McCartney has used her tracks as catwalk openers and Parisian fashion house Jitrois actually named its couture ‘Callista’ jacket after her. 

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