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Camphor Release Album 'Here Where The Light Falls'

HERE WHERE THE LIGHT FALLS offers a raw look at the emotional struggles we face when the world drops out from below our feet (something many people can relate to in these times of uncertainly and upheaval).

Informed by film composer Max Avery Lichtenstein's experiences after a life-altering medical diagnosis, this moody-but-ear catching collection of songs and instrumentals brings the listener on an intimate journey through desire, unexpected loss, depression, and perseverance. Although the themes are dark, a lightness shines across the song cycle thanks to Max's sweet voice and stirring production techniques.

Opening track Oh Desire is a fervent expression of longing that starts with an incessant pulse and builds towards a dreamy release. It encapsulates much of the album's distinct palette, which features deep synth kicks and bass, felted piano, folky acoustic guitar, lo-fi samples, vibrato-washed electric guitars, and layers of manipulated vocal harmonies.

Other sonic highlights include the bittersweet strings of Moonlight Rose, the blunt percussive clarity of Petrified, the warm haunting ambience of The Long Dark, and the memorably off-kilter banjo line of Enjoy the Struggle.


CAMPHOR is Max Avery Lichtenstein, working in frequent collaboration with producer/engineer D. James Goodwin (Bob Weir, Kaki King, Kevin Morby, Bonny Light Horsemen).

Max and DjG are sometimes joined in studio and on stage by a revolving cast of remarkable musicians and artists, including members of The War On Drugs, Mercury Rev, Wesley Stace's Cabinet of Wonders, and Pete International Airport.