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Can you leave the Safe Island?

After release of five singles in 2018, the Danish electro-pop artist Nille Nyc is now ready with her next single, Safe Island. This release marks a major change in her sound to a more urban, dark sound. The single was played at DR P3’s show ‘Vidundergrunden’ with a promise from Nille to release it if it got airplay. It did.

“Safe Island” mixes an extreme edgy bass with a crackling underground sound with Nille’s intense vocal surfing on top of a wave of synths. The single demonstrates in a daring manner Nille Nyc’s emerging producer skills.

Nille Nyc says: ‘The song is about daring to let go of all the control, which is forced upon us as human beings in a modern and hectic world full of speed limits, parking rules, regulations and mental barriers. At the same time, I personally jump into the deep sea by releasing my very first self-produced single. This is my personal, cultivated, urban sound taken directly from my inner self. This is the sound of the change I am undergoing captured in a dark, electro-pop track.’

The single is released prior to the release of Nille Nyc’s debut ep, PowerPainPillsPercussion, which will celebrate Nille as a genuine fighter.

‘Safe Island’ is released digitally Friday 29 March.

Nille Nyc is a Danish electro-pop artist , who enters the world of music with her powerful and yet ‘dark horse’ - attitude. Nille Nyc makes dark, urban electro-pop with haunting vocals and lyrics which tell stories from her personal life event. She mixes up-beat tracks with reflective ballads, always with a strong electronic vibe. All of her songs fit into her 4P concept, POWER, PAIN, PILLS AND PERCUSSION, which captures the essence of her songwriting as well as her live performance. Nille’s vocal is edgy and pushy and her sound can be compared to other artists such as Mø, Jenny Wilson and La Roux.

About the Artist Nille Nyc is a songwriter, producer and artist and she is in charge of her artistic life. She works together with other female musicians, e.g. the producer Mette Damm, who produces many of Nille’s songs. Even though Nille Nyc is a newcomer, she has already released 3 singles and two acoustic versions, all selected for important playlists from New Nordic Indie and Spotify. The singles also got radio airplay in America and were featured in the podcast show, Rubyfruit Radio, focusing on female artists. Nille got her debut on the Danish Radio, DR P3 in March 2019, with the unreleased single, Safe Island, by promising to release it if it got airplay. By this approach, Nille demonstrates her powerful DIY skills.

Nille Nyc is currently working on her debut album, which will be later this year.

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