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Canadian old school thrash metal band Wreck-Defy released a 2nd single from their upcoming 2nd album

Album cover by: ​Merk

Canadian thrash metal band Wreck-Defy released their second single from the upcoming album Remnants of Pain which is set to be released in September 27th 2019 by Finnish record label Inverse Records. The band features Matt Hanchuck on guitars, Aaron Randall on vocals (ex-Annihilator), Greg Christian on bass (ex-Testament) and Alex Marquez on drums (Solstice, ex-Malevolent Creation, ex-Cephalic Carnage, etc.)

Aaron Randall comments: "Hey troops! This is Aaron Randall check out our 2nd single broken peace off the new remnants of pain out sept 27th and turn this one up loud!"

Matt Hanchuck comments: "Broken Peace...is a perfect mix of melody meeting aggression with Aaron's fantastic vocal prowess at the forefront. Lyrically this song is one of the most relevant on the album, depicting a much flawed and corrupted society that we all inhabit....it also has a face melter of a guitar solo...enjoy."

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