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Graffiti Vibe Presents Cats That Bark

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Proudly hailing from Hull, East Yorkshire, this rowdy bunch are bringing 90’s punk nostalgia in a fun and brazen package. Their debut single ‘O’Rileys’ is a tribute to a local venue of the same name, this venue is almost singlehandedly responsible for keeping the thriving punk, rock and metal scene in Hull alive and this new tune is a great homage to the community.

As punk is a broad spectrum, defining Cats That Bark’s specific flavour of punk feels like it comes from a mixture of the exceptionally raw British sound that defined 70’s punk from the likes of the Sex Pistols and the Buzzcocks while the musical arrangement is much more reminiscent of the 90’s American Punk of bands such as early Green Day and The Offspring.

The 4-piece comprises of:

Dan – Vocals and Guitar

Gasmask Grimshaw – Guitar

Lukasz – Drums

Vel Cro – Bass

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