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Celine Love - Rose Coloured

Celine Love is a young singer-songwriter from Hamburg who relocated to London in 2016. She creates soulful folk, composing music with expressionism and self discovery at its core with a hint of socio-critical commentary. She is currently working on her first release ‘Rose Coloured’:

“The idea behind ‘Rose Coloured’ was to capture memories, moments and situations that describe the blissful ignorance of my childhood. The desire to put a ‘rose coloured’ filter on everything that is bad in the world. Before racism, insecurities, heartbreak or stress became part of life the world is not only on your side but shields you from the negativity.

The imagery within the song is directly taken from my memories. Writing and recording it left me feeling very nostalgic, so I dug out old photos and songs and reached out to my childhood best friend. It reminded me of a pivotal time as a child, before I became aware of the differences in skin colour and hair structure. Not only did I look different from most of the German kids surrounding my life but I would be treated differently too. It wasn’t always negative, but always in a way that made me feel excluded. There was a time before I became aware that my skin colour was nothing but ‘caramel’ and everyone else was simply ‘vanilla’. Nothing more. ‘Rose Coloured’ is an almost desperate wish to have that mindset back. The wish to live in a ‘fools paradise’.

The music video (directed by Sylvia Hong) explores how that darkness we are shielded from as children was always there. A lot of us may think back to our childhood as perfect, when truly we have blocked out the negative we might have seen or experienced. If we do not confront these issues from the past, it can drive you insane.” - Celine Love

A few milestones in her young career include a full scholarship to the music school BIMM Berlin & London, performing at festivals such as the 2000 Trees in Cheltenham, Kings Jam in Gloucester, Deichbrand and Reeperbahn Festival in Germany and supporting the electro-pop band Years & Years in Hamburg for NRJ Radio.

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