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Charlie Hole - Find Someone Who Cares

From Charlie with love

Charlie Hole is one of the most exciting young singer-songwriters around nowadays. On Find Someone Who Cares, the fourth single from his upcoming album Beautiful Decay, his carefully crafted music combines Acoustic and Folk elements in such elegant manner. It is a splendid piano-ballad reminding us of Elton John glory days with modern Matt Simons, James Bay and John Mayer influences.

Tackling relatable subject matters for all audiences, the Bournemouth-born-and-raised musician with a brave and honest voice has already been coined by Rod Stewart as an emerging talent with a gift for writing 'beautiful songs’. After a chance meeting with well-respected guitarist and producer Jim Cregan (Rod Stewart, Katie Melua, Family), the pair began working closely together, with Jim mentoring Charlie and teaching him about the world of songwriting while always pushing him to develop his own style and sound. 

Charlie about his new single:

"I wrote Find Someone Who Cares for my Dad’s wedding after he asked me if I could sing a song during the ceremony. 

I was struggling to come up with anything because I wanted to get the moment just right and I had never written a pure love song before.

Eventually I found the melody from an old discarded song I had lying around, with the chorus essentially intact and I loved the sentiment of finding something and holding on to it. I rewrote the verses around some romantic imagery and phrased the lines as questions, more like traditional wedding vows couples get asked at ceremonies… like ‘will you take thee to be your lawful wedded wife etc…’ but made them more personal like ‘will you hold me in the silence of the moon as it’s dancing in your eyes?’… as soon as I had rephrased the lines as questions the song somehow worked, and I knew I had what I wanted. 

I played it to my producer, Jim Cregan, to see what he thought. I played everything I ever wrote to him and I think this was the only time I ever made him cry with a song, so I knew I had a good one. 

I played it during the wedding ceremony for my Dad and his wife, Sarah, and they both cried too, and to this day I still think it’s the best song on the album because I wasn’t trying to do anything clever or different with it, I just let it be what it is, a nice, honest love song."

"Such tender acoustic rugs and that particular persuasion is just extentuated by a folk gravelly vocal performance that gets to the root of the matter with a careful eye for detail." - MP3Hugger (Ireland)

Upcoming concerts:

26 November - Servant Jazz Quarters, London, UK 30 November - Little Pickle Deli - Bournemouth. UK

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