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Cherry Lotus - Fake Leather Attitude

Cherry Lotus are a four piece indie rock band based in Bournemouth made up from Joe Grange (Vocals, Guitar), Aidan OHara (Guitar), Ben Miller (Bass) and Paul Nicola-Miller (Drums). In late 2017, Joe and Aidan left their previous band to pursue a new lineup. Soon after, Paul left Leeds-Beckett University and moved back to Bournemouth and joined as drummer in January 2018. Following the recording of their debut single, Ben Miller joined as bassist to complete the lineup.

The main riff in Fake Leather Attitude was written during a boring acoustic session during the time when Aidan and Joe were in a previous band. Once the session had finished, being bored of the acoustic, Joe swapped guitars and put his capo on a different fret to usual and played the first thing that came to his head which happened to be the main riff and once it was cranked up loud and it just sounded really massive. The song was written about a girl at university who left her old friends behind to follow the crowd at uni. The name Fake Leather Attitude came from how she started wearing a Topshop (fake) leather jacket around the time that she left everyone behind. There you go, Fake Leather Attitude.

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