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Chip & The Charge Ups’ New Album May Surprise, “Save The World”

Pittsburgh, PA – February 18, 2019 – Chip & The Charge Ups, a power pop band that has quickly become known for its electrifying live shows, today announced that it will release its second album on April 5, 2019. The album is entitled “Flow of the Current, Part II (-)” and is a follow up/companion to 2018’s “Flow of the Current, Part I (+).”

Though “Part I” exudes an unabashedly playful vibe on the strength of songs about the joy of punk rock concerts (“Front Row”), the youthful emotions of being in the friend zone (“I Hope I Never Say That Out Loud”), and a mindblowing Green Day/Poison mashup (“Good Riddance, Fallen Angel”), “Part II” combines that playful vibe with some surprisingly deep, thought provoking content. The perfect example is “The Song That Saved The World.” In that track, the band writes about the possibility of music influencing positive change in the world, from curing cancer to ending world hunger to achieving international harmony. The chorus lyrics are “If I could strum the chord that cures diseases/And if I could drum the beat that feeds the poor/And if I could sing the notes that bring peace to Earth/I’d write the song that saved the world.”

“Improvements in the world begin with a flash of inspiration to a single person,” explains Chip Dominick (the artist formerly known as Chip DiMonick), vocalist and guitarist of the band. “What better thing to spark inspiration in someone than music?”

The album also features a roller coaster of a years-long love story condensed into a four-minute song called “By The Tracks.” “Every relationship has a point early on where the couple puts down their anchor,” says Dominick. “But, even with an anchor, a love story can drift into less beautiful waters. ‘By The Tracks’ is a reminder to never lose sight of where you and your partner have dropped your anchor so you can always pull yourself back to your best days.”

Of course, Chip & The Charge Ups also have plenty of fun, rocking songs to balance out the new release. “Punk Rock on Acoustic Guitar” is both a song’s title and its genre. Lyrically, it is a fun tale of a punk rocker and a “goody two shoes” somehow being coupled in an unexpected and yet somehow perfect way, much like punk rock played on acoustic guitar. Meanwhile, the more prototypically power pop “Friday Night Rocks” celebrates a favorite time for almost everyone: the start of a weekend.

Most of the songs on “Flow of the Current, Part II (-)” were written solely by Dominick and produced with longtime collaborator Mike Ofca of Innovation Studios with one exception: “Sunshine, Take Me Away.” That song was cowritten with and produced by Sean McDonald, best known for his work with Frontiers Records artist Gene The Werewolf and The Clarks.

“Sean and I are musical polar opposites in many ways,” notes Dominick. “But, when we put our two very different creative heads together, we came up with a song that I think can appeal to a wide swath of rock fans!”

Chip & The Charge Ups will be ushering in the new release with an all-ages Album Release Party on April 5th at 6:00PM. This show will be at the Smiling Moose in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The event will feature performances by Chip & The Charge Ups, Pleading The Fifth, and Tupelo and Noah. Tickets can be purchased HERE


Chip & The Charge Ups arrived like a bolt of lightning in Spring 2018!

Pittsburgh’s Chip & The Charge Ups quickly created an electrifying buzz by performing its first shows at some of the East Coast’s fastest-growing music festivals. Cultivating a modern power pop sound that blends leading-edge alternative rock with old-school punk, the band captivated audiences with its energetic live performances and catchy songs.

Chip & The Charge Ups’ debut single, “The Ol’ Two Niner,” is a staple on WDVE, an iconic radio station in Pittsburgh. The station uses the song as intro music for legendary Pittsburgh Penguins player and current radio announcer, Phil Bourque, when he makes his weekly morning show appearances. The band released their debut album, “Flow of the Current, Part I (+)” in September 2018 to rave reviews from the press and radio, such as:

"Full of hooks and youthfully heartfelt lyrics" – Pittsburgh Current

“A stellar release” – Empire Extreme

“It's no wonder Pittsburgh is shaking! Great music and tons of rock fun!" – BANGS Music & Entertainment Magazine

"A band who knows music is meant to evoke a good time" – Rock All Photography Music Magazine

“Definitely badass!” – The Pipeman, iHeart Radio

Emboldened by the success of their debut release, Chip & The Charge Ups are set to release their sophomore effort, “Flow of the Current, Part II (-)”, on April 5, 2019.

Chip & The Charge Ups’ tour dates, social media links, press coverage links, and more can be found on the band’s website HERE

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