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Swiss alternative indie/folk/pop songwriter Claudio Bagnato new music single "Brighter Day"

A couple of days before the official release of its debut album with "The Shower" and then "Rainbow", former member of the Swiss rock/metal bands Poison Heidi and Silver Dust, Claudio Bagnato (indie/pop/folk) just premired the third single from its upcoming effort with "Brighter Day" available right now on YouTube and the main streaming services.

For reminder, Claudio's debut solo album 'Nowhere' will see the light on October on CD, LP & Digital.

For fans of Bob Dylan, Girl In Red, Oasis, Chelsea Wolfe, Billie Eilish,...

The album is called 'Nowhere'. Related with the nowhere outside and the nowhere inside, referring to emptiness and nothingness.

The songs are about me, about love, about feeling of unease and destruction. It’s like a stripping of my personality. I’ve never really asked myself, if I wanted to sing in french or english. The album contains 12 songs in english and 1 in french.

Why in english ? because it’s the music I listen to. I used my road english, the one I used to speak, the one I understand. Of course, the french accent is present, but it looks so cool to me and cute… So I told myself, « let’s go ». I consider that is an artistic reasoning to use a language that is not ours, in order to strengthen the identity


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