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Coach Hop's alt-pop Christmas with a twist

“A golden voice” - Consequence Of Sound

Following the release of their instant classic I Like Taylor Swift this summer, which

garnered love & support from Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, BBC 6Music’s Tom

Robinson, Radio X’s John Kennedy, BBC London’s Gary Crowley and made the Music

Week Playlist alongside Nicki Minaj, Miles Kane & Lump, Coach Hop are back for the

festive season with the release of By Christmas – a tale of past love retribution

released on UK independent Scratchy Records.

From the festive opening piano chords to the, err... festive closing piano chords, By

Christmas is one behemoth sleigh ride through the Christmas anthems songbook -

and sitting at its cold, bitter heart is a true story of love, loss and betrayal...

Before Coach Hop was thrust forth into the world, Charlie Laurence (Coach Hop frontman and proud owner of the golden tonsils) was in the band Hamptons and one Christmas they recorded a track titled Come Home For Christmas (check the B-Side). In a bid to give full credit where credit was due, and since they’d split up amicably, Charlie then emailed a copy to his ex-girlfriend who’d initially inspired the song. He didn’t hear back . . . that is until a friend rang saying oh god how

could she do this and have you seen it - ‘What are you talking about?’ asked a mystified Charlie. You mean you haven’t seen what your ex put up on instagram??? asks the friend. Oh dear - turns out his ex had posted a screenshot of Charlie’s email with the description “Loser ex-boyfriend gets back in touch…#loser” Ouch!

There was only one possible response and you’re listening to it now. Sure the lyrics are a bit dark for the season of goodwill, but, hello! Are we not in dark times? Are we not facing the apocalyptic global-warmingplastic- soup-dragon? Anyway, just feel the emotion seeping out of the song - This is pain - This is betrayal - This is a Christmas single for our times.

Charlie on the song: “There are enough happy go lucky Christmas songs out there. I

wanted to create something darker. Anger, betrayal, revenge, these are the themes I visited when "By Christmas" was made. Frankly I was angry at someone when I

wrote it, and thinking back now it reminds me of a Simpsons quote, guest voiced by Tito Puente: "Revenge? Of course - but why wound his body with bullets when I could set his soul afire with a slanderous mambo?"

By Christmas is released on Friday 14th December by South London label Scratchy

Records whose eclectic back cat features The Rocks, Spork, Full English Breakfast and label boss Simon’s noise pop trio Bromide.

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