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Cold in Berlin share new video for 'The Power'

Cold in Berlin have returned with a dark slab of gothic doom just in time to soundtrack a burning world, with their new video for ’The Power’ created by Chemically Sinister Productions.

Cold in Berlin’s new album Rituals of Surrender, released on 11th October via London label New Heavy Sounds, offers up thunderous modern fables, crawling from the wreckage of an ordinary life - dark and hopeful - standing tall in the debris.

Over nine songs you are submerged into the dense, heavy sounds of their fourth album: A witch crawls from the ocean as the world is born looking for a new life, a woman recalls the painful love she needed to feel alive, a man cracks wide open looking for secrets, and love burns two desperate lovers - the songs are filled with heroic and overwhelming loss wrapped in the hope of what comes next.

Produced with gritty clarity and volume by Wayne Adams (Green Lung – Woodland Rites) Rituals of Surrender opens with the grinding, hypnotic pulse of The Power and the apocalyptic rise of Dark Days, the record twists and turns as guitars crash, tempos warp and vocalist Maya stalks your thoughts with her mesmeric vocals. The rituals continue to build through Avalanche and Monsters, an edgy industrial throb and a sweeping prayer. Side A closes with Frantic a frenetic shard of fractured shellac. 

When the cut-and-thrust dies down, the album reveals the band at their most fragile. The haunting schadenfreude of Your Body//My Church is a beautiful, desperate love song nestled between the ceremonial Temples and the stoner trip of Shadowman. The album-closer Sacred Ground soars from a place of Lovecraftian foreboding towards an explosion of cinematic-doom. Their grandest and most poignant piece to date.

After a collaboration with punk icon Lydia Lunch for Transmaniacon - The Strange World of Suzie Pellet concept album, vocalist Maya delivers a breath taking range of shattering vocals, casting spells of apocalyptic witchcraft, breathing life into the characters that inhabit the rituals.

Rituals of Surrender is not a crack of lightning or the drumming of rain on a window, it is an unnatural, ground shaking thunder raging through your veins. It is a suffocating howl crashing through your heart. But with the moments before any ending, surrender brings release, the serenity of escape, even from the darkest of days.

Rituals of Surrender is released on 11th October. 

Upcoming shows:

5th October - The Lending Room - Leeds

10th October - The Victoria - London

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The video for ’The Power' was created By CHEMICALLY SINISTER PRODUCTIONS Director/Editor: John Clay Director of Photography: Ben Etchells  Producer/Creative attache/Colour grading/Projector handler: Jorge Dubac Creative consultant/Lighting: Rob Homewood Set Designer/prop design: Millie Kemp Special Thanks to Alfredo Widmer Violante of Public Pressure

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