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Conrad Ashton delivers new single 'Like No One Else Do'

As an ever-evolving, no-frills singer and songwriter, Conrad Ashton shares a modern rock direction that is firmly rooted in the classic pop sound. And after a flurry of bright and engaging releases over the last few years, he now returns with his latest single ‘Like No One Else Do’, lifted from his new EP ‘No Post On Sundays’.

With a hallmark style that marries the classic storytelling approach to songwriting with a bold yet stripped-back aesthetic, ‘Like No One Else Do’ sees him follow in the footsteps of artists like Billy Bragg and Frank Turner with his fresh and engaging persona.

Speaking about his new offering, he said, “‘Like No One Else Do’ was written about someone special who I felt fairly strong about and haven't had that feeling since it was the only time in my life where I would have put someone ahead of my goals as a musician. But some things aren't meant to be and you have to respect that and respect life's plan and, in hindsight, it is a good thing some stuff doesn't happen or work out like you may want.”

‘Like No One Else Do’ is lifted from the frontman’s new EP ‘No Post On Sundays’, which much like its lead offering, sees him pursue the rich and vibrant atmosphere that has quickly become his signature sound. Filled with bright and euphoric offerings that each have their own tale to tell, his latest collection shows more depth and brevity to his character than ever before, making for a truly warm and inviting listen.

Adding about the new EP, he said, "The EP is a new territory for me. Firstly, it is all acoustic but it's a collection of songs that come from the heart. I really meant them, like all my songs, but it is nice to have them as a collection rather than one off singles".

‘Like No One Else Do’ along with the new EP ‘No Post On Sundays’ will be available to stream and download from the 7th August 2020, and is set to release more material throughout the rest of the year.



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