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Convertible with "Not A Cloud" video or how to play a show in LA despite Corona

Convertible had just finished production on the follow-up to Hans Platzgumer’s well-received musical fantasy, Holst Gate. The new record continues the story of Colin Holst, his band, and their lament or wonder about the world around them.

The video to the single, Not A Cloud, would be a big production shot in LA— lots of notorious guests, drugs and mayhem amongst the Joshua Trees.

Some big-named actor signed-on to play Colin. The band would fly out for their camios, maybe even play the Sunset Strip. It was going to be a huge party! Then the Corona thing happened.

The desert party got nixed. Crestfallen, producer, Chris “Nils Holst” Laine rewrote the script so the same thing could be done in Austria. Different location, different faces, same party! Nope. Lockdown.

Director, Max Parovsky, unable to leave his viennese flat for the foreseeable future, suggested throwing the party digitally. The band sent photos of themselves from home, which Max composited into a big virtual generator party. The result couldn't have been more fitting.

Not A Cloud is a tale of liberation from a turbulent romance. But, more broadly, it’s about just getting-over it— whatever it might be— finding the light after a stormy night.

Convertible found the light in the dark days that followed the CoVid-19 lockdown. The party in the desert would have been a blast, but the video would have never been this fantastic.

Not A Cloud is an anthem to the good times we once shared but it's also a warm welcome to a new way of seeing things. The silver lining, as they say.

Stay tuned for more inspired releases from Holst Gate 2.

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