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New and upcoming Indie/Soul artist Crawford has a candidly soulful sound with a huge voice. Crawford’s music resonates his influences of vintage 1960s and 70s soul and R&B combined with subtle modern nuances of today’s pop music. Crawford's vintage sound and style is something to look out for.

With the release of debut single “Red Wine”, Crawford comes onto the music scene ready to slay the game. “Red Wine” is a chill R&B song with lush vocals/harmonies and relatable and confessional lyrics. This song is about being at home a little bit lonely getting drunk on wine and confessing your love to someone and wishing they were there with you. The lyrics “It’s not just the red wine staining my mine with thoughts of you” says that I’m not just calling you because I’m drunk, I actually just am in love with you and wish you were here with me.

Crawford is currently working on writing and recording his debut EP following the first single "Red Wine". He has also put together a team of skilled musicians - Nolan Sloan, Drew Esselstrom, Jenny Kwon, and Zach Jurkovich - and performs show stopping and electric shows around LA. Keep a look out for dates near you.

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