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Crystal Tides - Little Lies

Crystal Tides, the south coast’s new favourite indie/pop band, draw on classic noughties guitar riffs and modern feel good pop to create an irresistible fusion that captures the very essence of adolescence and never ending summer.

“So summery, so good” - BBC Introducing South

Harry Knowles, lead guitar, Sam Pennington, drums, Billy Gregory, vocals, and George Regan, bass, came together in a small flat in Brighton where Billy and Harry wrote songs on their breaks from lectures at university. When lifelong friends Sam and George joined in it felt like they’d all been playing together for years already.

A manic diy debut tour took them around the UK in a swirling mess of glitter, late nights and exuberance. They recorded a demo that connected with their fledgling young fanbase. Sellout shows in Portsmouth, London and Hertfordshire followed. The band were invited to perform at Etihad Stadium for the Champions League semi final.

Crystal Tides, the band making waves, promise big things for 2019.

“A band at the top of their game” - Indie Life Online

Our new single ‘Little Lies’ is due for release on April 5th 2019

‘Little Lies’ tells the story of all the mornings we have woken up not knowing where we are, how we got there and the big one of ‘What the hell happened last night?!’

We’ve all been there!

And even though the hangover is killing you, it comes to the next evening and all you want to do is go out and do it all again.

We chose the title ‘Little Lies’ because of two things really…

Firstly, all those little lies you tell yourself when you are hungover, just to try and make yourself feel better! You know like ‘I didn’t even drink that much’ or ‘I’m never drinking again!’

And secondly, all the little lies that spread around about what happened on your drunken night out… those things that everybody talks about but nobody truly knows what happened.

Have a listen to our new single! We guarantee you’ll love it!

Catch us at a show!

30th April – Southampton – The Joiners

18th May – Portsmouth – Wedgewood Rooms

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