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D Fine Us - Safe to Disconnect

D Fine Us is a musical project founded by songwriter and producer Tomer Katz. Pulling references from delta blues, soul and R&B, the act collides old with new, infusing contemporary, electronic textures to create a compelling pastiche of ‘culture-clashed’ music.

With authenticity at the forefront of Tomer’s vision, he takes great care to create a bonafide sound that pays genuine homage to the traditional delta-blues, jazz and gospel that he grew up admiring. Tomer achieves this by mixing raw live recordings with high-fidelity studio work, often recorded in unconventional settings like desolate bar rooms, wide-open fields and living rooms of friend

‘Safe To Disconnect’, his forthcoming single to be released in December 2019, is a perfect display of Tomer’s attention-to-detail as a producer, with its colourful interplay between mellow verses and high-octane choruses. At its core, ‘Safe To Disconnect’ is a love song, but peel away the layers and you’ll discover the inner beauty of Tomer’s highly topical lyrics. He continues to build up a reputation for his lyricism, with ‘The 405’ describing D Fine Us as an act who “delivers a potent message for our time”.

Tomer has been actively involved in music creation for most of his life, with D Fine Us taking full priority over the last 12 months. D Fine Us has received notable airplay on Worldwide FM, as well as honourable mentions and reviews across media publications ‘The 405’, ‘Mystic Sons’, ‘Keep Walking Music’, ‘Savage Thrills’ and ‘Yab Yum West’.

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