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The Latest From The English Punk Is A Radio Ready Anthem

While Danny Wright has a consistently dominated the British Pop Punk scene, his gift for huge hooks allows him to transcend genre and appeal to a much broader audience. His latest track employs a Nirvana-esque loudquiet-loud form, eventually building up to a stadium sized anthem.

Like much of Danny’s best work. ‘Reckless’ has a deep unrest at its core. “I stay up late and drink.” he sings. “palpitations and I shake as soon as I’m awake.”

It’s an unnerving picture of a young man desperately seeking to escape reality, but that brutal honesty is what makes Danny such a believable songwriter. He does the dirty work of exploring the darkest parts of his mind so that his audience might feel a little less alone.

Most importantly, he has managed to transform his despair into an incredibly accessible track that is sure to welcome many new listeners into his world. Danny is a once-in-ageneration talent, and ‘Reckless’ is yet another strong entry into his catalog.