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Dark atmospheric rock act DreamSpy has released its very first single and video

Photograper: Elsa Wellamo

Livin'dead isDreamspy's starter, a single from a full-length album, which is going to be released later on. The track's tone and lyrical atmosphere is grandiloquent and violently shattering: a voice from the darkness of one's mind. The video brings you an interpretation of its own, and it is work of a VFX artist Teemu Kokkonen.

DreamSpy is a soloproject of vocalist-bassistAnssi Tamminen. The vocal point of the sound is a double bass coated with distortion, which is supported by drums - a mix of machine and the traditional-type of drumset. Sounds from piano and synthesizer take the spotlight every now and then, painting the musical picture piercingly beautiful.

Vocal-interpretation of Tamminen is defined by escapistic lyrics which have climbed to the daylight from the abyss of his mind - sound-wise they go from a fragile whisper to a Danzig-like blustering of a baritone.

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