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David Baron Releases Let Me Go

As the Follow Up to their debut single ‘Deserve’, ‘Let Me Go’ cements Baron and Kadish’s musical style with the continued use of organic instrumentation throughout an electronic, vocoder laden soundscape

The lyrical theme is universal: a guy falls in love with his best friend. She sees him only as a friend. It’s killing him. Everybody has been through this at some point. The song is emotional and provides a good release when it gets to the end choruses. It’s piano based but also futuristic and modern

This song is about a platonic friendship between a man and a woman in which the man is secretly in love with the woman. He is always there for her as a crying shoulder when her heart is shattered, however; he has decided that he can’t continue on with the existing dynamic. He pleads to be set free, while deep down, he still holds out hope that their friendship will blossom into more.

In high school, girls that Kadish knew, always thought of him as the “nice guy / friend”. No matter how many times their hearts were broken, by guys who treated them like garbage... no matter how many times he was there to pick up the pieces, he seemed to be put in the “friend zone”.

It’s like if he were a superhero his power would be “romantic invisibility”, because no matter what he did they just couldn’t see him in that “boyfriend light”.