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Dear Sara releases her personal EP “I’m Not That Sad”

Swedish pop artist Dear Sara makes alternative pop releases characterized by contemporary soundscapes where her voice is in focus. Her music is inflenced by growing up in a reindeer herding family in Karesuando which, together with the so common feeling of longing to go out and explore the world, contributes to her strong expression both lyrically and musically.. Today she releases her debut EP "I'm Not That Sad"

“Creating this EP has been a pretty long journey where I, together with some skilled songwriters and producers, have put a lot of focus on creating a special sound which feels very much like me. We have played around with great sounds and atmospheric melodies. I have had to dive deep into my writing where I have been both playful and serious. At the same time I’ve grown both as a person and artist. With this EP I want to invite the listener to different chapters in my life, thoughts and dreams I had. I am so incredibly proud of the result and look forward to continuing my musical journey from here.” says Dear Sara.

On the EP, she has collaborated with songwriters such as Linnea Deb, Grammy-winning Elias Näslin and Johannes Willinder, of whom the latter two have also produced. Other participating producers are Joy Deb and NEIGHBOURS. The release contains five tracks and this is what Dear Sara says about the first song “Stupid Things”: “It is a very personal song where I think about love and at the same time open up my innermost thoughts, desires and dreams. I hope you can recognize yourself in the scenes I paint, regardless of whether you are newly in love, dumped, single, married or totally heartbroken.”

Dear Sara's music is modern and airy productions accompanied by her unique and distinctive voice. During the year she has released two singles along with videos; “Something You Should Know” and “Do Better”. In May came her own interpretation of Red Hot Chili Peppers big hit “Californication”

Already at 16 Dear Sara knew that music was something she wanted to do - so right after graduating in 2015 she flew to Los Angeles.It was the beginning of a new chapter in her life.

In addition to working with experienced producers in the music industry, she got to travel, meet new people and experience things that were far from what she grew up with.

This period taught her to give herself time when she makes decisions and perhaps most important of all; to trust their gut feeling.

In 2020, she began her collaboration with FEM. and Northbound Music Group and then we also heard her on JIM OUMA's single "Kids" with the British dancehall queen Alicaì Harley.