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The melodic heavy metal band from Oulu, DEATH’S-HEAD AND THE SPACE ALLUSION releases their debut album THE COUNTERBALANCE on May 3rd through Inverse Records.

Recording and mixing took place in Oulu and the final touch was given by Jaakko Viitalähde and Virtalähde Mastering. After two singles and one EP album the band started to forge their debut. The work began in the beginning of 2018 and soon turned out to be quite a project to handle. Finally, it is ready and will be brought to light!

“The album took quite a toll on my personal life. A whole year in the dark, but it fits the context perfectly. All the madness and evil in people created a lot of gloomy lyrics, which at times felt like ‘fuck it, it’s time to give in to the rope myself’. On the other hand, no other lyrics have made me this proud. And I can’t forget Markus Makkonen from Sadistik Forest, who was a great help with lyrics. I think the music speaks for itself. It isn’t speed metal with high-speed solos and arpeggios, but there is a faint shadow of progressive metal from time to time. A straight-forward album with heavy weight on it. This must be played live, I can’t wait for it!” said guitarist Antza Talala.

Before the album release the band will release a single of the first track ‘Dopefiend Outrun’ in the form a lyrical video.

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