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[Debauch] single 'Revolution is Not Responding'; part of their new Double A Side

From the head of Dark Dogs Records is a double A side release by [Debauch]. A juxtaposition project with two unique sounds and messages and distinct vocal collaborations.

[Debauch] the partnership of David Bancovich is an Australian born artist who had global success with the band Rapatry and their album Daydreamers on Painkillers. Toky a renowned Italian classical guitarist turned electronic producer. This duo with the addition of session artists from across the world have created modern beats with the infusion of traditional instruments that set their unique sound apart. Under the guidance of the creative writing and production the songs of [Debauch] explore the topics of failed relationships, modern spirituality and the state of the planet.

“The beauty of [Debauch] is the total creative freedom with the removal of the limitations we can move across genres and sounds to deliver on the original vision ... Meeting kindred spirits from around the world to make music is such an experience to be appreciated. It does not take long to know you are on the same page ... there is definitely ESP mind reading between Toky and myself.” - David Bancovich

The first recorded song Seeking Pleasure is a modern soul song exploring our universal desire to reward our brains whether love or substance. The song was completed with the pleasing vocal of the aptly named Jamaican singer Soosmooth.

The second contrasting powerful recording is The Revolution Is Not Responding inspired by recent events the song has an old school Rap feel which has been described as Public Enemy meets Prodigy. The chosen vocalist DZAN from New Mexico USA delivers on the urgency and frustration of global events.

Both songs are tied together through masterful musicality, production and mature storytelling. The final mixing was performed by Fabio Petti in his Rome studio connecting 4 continents in real time to complete the work seamlessly. With an album in the pipeline [Debauch] look to further collaborations with global artists. Pending COVID19 restrictions [Debauch] have plans to tour in 2021. 

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