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Debut album release from the Brixton acid-punk-prog trio

Ham Legion’s long awaited debut album ‘Paradise Park’ is being released on Bandcamp and Spotify on 25th October. Written, performed, engineered & mixed entirely themselves. It’s a tour de force of psych grunge, pop hooks and ferocious heavy passages. The versatility of the band is captured wonderfully over these 12 songs. They are at once gently intricate, sombre and soothing, harsh and playful. Always mad, beautiful and impossible to anticipate.

Band bio

Ham Legion emerged first into the Brighton live music scene and quickly gathered a reputation for their accomplished approach to songwriting, as well as their dynamic musical technique. This punk-prog 3-piece are now based in Brixton & they are one of the stand out bands involved with the exciting scene around Brixton Hill studios. This year the band has performed across the UK and embarked on a european tour where they brought their jaw dropping live show to venues in Prague, punk clubs in Germany and a squatted factory in Luxembourg.

As well as being life long fans of Cardiacs (frequently playing fundraiser events for Tim Smith), Ham Legion have a wide range of influences. They cite; Mr. Bungle, Split Enz, They Might Be Giants, Heavy Vegetable, The Pretty Things, Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd, Deerhoof, Stranglers, Lemonheads, Kinks & Charlotte Hatherley to name a few.

What others say

“Oozing with energy and a billion ideas they combine alternative pop sensibility with outbursts of metal and forays into mysticism and downright bonkersness.” -Louder Than War

“A cavalcade of mood-switches and charges in and out of the unknown; a puckish delving into the traditions of English pop eccentricity, but one that’s smeared by tarry black coffee-sludge and amp crunch.” - Misfit City

“A brilliant and almost baffling medley of styles, odd timings and unexpected interludes.”- Brighton Source

“an undergrowth of grunge, 60s psychedelic pop, punk and avant-garde prog, never staying in one place for long before breaking into strong melodic hooks and diving off again down a path of dissonance, odd time signatures and acrobatic melodies.” -Joyzine

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