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Debut Single Release For Transatlanic Pop/Soul Duo

New Haven USA based producer, songwriter and artist Marc Teamaker, and West Yorkshire UK based songwriter and artist Iain Clarke first met online as friends and fans in 2001. In that time, despite only a handful of face to face meetings the two have developed a bond, forged in music and shaped by friendship, which has become truly unique.

Combining their love of classic song writing and writers, 60’s beat culture, funk, soul, jazz, rock, country, modernism and pop, the duo began work in 2018 on a set of songs that reflected both each other’s styles and the influences which took root in their souls - not just taking their ideas from the ether, but also shaping and crafting them there. Soulful yet vibrant, modern yet steeped in their traditions, energetic and wistful, deeply personal yet disarmingly open, Teamaker/Clarke are a duo who have come together to create a sound which is so much more than the sum of its parts.

First Floor and The Spaces Between are two ice cool slices of soulful summer pop, drenched in sunshine, coated with joie de vivre with the hint of a darker, richer centre. Pour a cool drink, sit out and enjoy the soulful vocals of Marc Teamaker, and the insistent rhythms of Iain Clarke, shimmering and sparkling in the sun, undulled by the threat of clouds. Love, life, loss, laughter. Listen.

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