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Derange to release 'senses part two' May 20th

‘Derange are poised to become the new darlings of the tech metal scene’(Metal Hammer)

After the runaway success of ‘Senses part one’, including a cover mount sampler in conjunction with Metal Hammer, plus features in Hammer, Powerplay, Distorted Sound, Bass magazine, etc., London’s Derange return with the second instalment of their ambitious ‘senses’ project.

“it only seems inevitable that Derange will further cement their place as a quality homegrown talent within the UK tech scene” (Distorted Sound magazine)

Connected thematically although not a concept releases per se, ‘Senses’ part 1 and 2 are an impressive collection of new tracks from the band.

Led by the dynamic vocals of Portuguese singer Cat Pereira, Derange embody everything that is vital and vibrant in modern metal. Pereira’s range is spectacular, (leading to renowned producer Russ Russell (Napalm Death, Raging Speedhorn, Dimmu Borgir etc.) to describe her as ‘one of the best vocalists’ he’d come across), and she’s expertly backed by a collection of fantastic musicians.

Derange blend unforgettable hooks with complex progressive passages, aggressive riffs with powerful vocals, across a fierce collection of finely-honed tracks.

Features the radio hit ‘The Hunted’, the intriguing ‘Falling Awake’ and the anthemic ‘We Are’, all perfect examples of Derange’s forward-thinking approach.

‘One of the best vocalists I’ve come across’ (Russ Russell – legendary producer)

Derange, London's self-styled purveyors of 'Sassrock', the band blend tech-influenced alternative-metal with a strong sense of cinema and video game influenced imagery. A sonic mix of angst and diversity, described as ‘a perfect blend of metal madness and subtle beauty’, Derange are a passionate and incredibly focussed quintet.

After incendiary live shows with the likes of Exist Immortal, Bloodywood, Our Hollow Ground and highly regarded appearances at Tech-Fest, Bloodstock and Hard Rock Hell, Derange poised to make a huge impact across the rock world.

‘An accessibility and melodic verve that sets it apart from the majority of the band’s contemporaries.’ (Dom Lawson, Metal Hammer)

‘Defiantly technical and insidiously infectious… Derange just might be your favourite new band’ (Powerplay Magazine)

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